Monday, October 10, 2011

Isn't God Stronger than Super Glue?

This is just one of 500 questions Sam asked today. He is very inquisitive, my curious son, and sometimes he stumps us with his questions. This question came up after he wanted his Daddy to glue back a cape that had fallen off one of his action figure heroes. I caught him climbing up on the shelf reaching for the super glue (that all parents of young boys must have on hand in infinite supply). I told him that super glue was only for grown ups because he might accidentally glue his fingers together and they would be stuck forever. Several minutes later, after some serious thought about this, he asked.. "Isn't God stronger than super glue"?? He had come up with a perfect solution in case his fingers did get stuck together forever! You got to love his faith!! He knows at such a young age that no matter what the problem you can give it over to God and trust that He will help.

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